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As we get older, our mobility & physical capability can decline due to becoming more and more sedentary. Todays world of technology & sitting at a desk all the time means that when we try to workout, injury is a more common occurrence.

Martial arts is not only an incredible way to get in shape but also to help with your mobility, flexibility & strength. However, any form of exercise can leave you sore & tired. That’s why we have our exclusive yoga for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class to help you both prepare for your next workout or help you recover from your last one.

Our fully certified Yoga for BJJ instructors will help you alleviate those niggling injuries, increase your range of motion & give you the ability to enhance your workouts

Regardless if you are a bendy ninja, if you are as flexible as a rock, a practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu or not, yoga for BJJ is suitable for you & is essential if you want to continue training in any discipline.

This class is absolutely free to members & anyone who wishes to participate.

Please come along and experience how yoga can help change your body & life for the better.

Contact coach Ben on +1345 328 1155  or email for further information.

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