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Introduction to the Kids curriculum.

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At The Academy, we believe that Jiujitsu & self defense training should be for everyone! Bullying is an epidemic worldwide and can have far reaching consequences and effects to a child’s confidence as they grow up if they don’t know how to deal with the physical & mental stress that it can cause.

Our kids curriculum for ages 4 to 10 years old focuses on simple but effective techniques & games that you can practice at home with your child in order to help build their confidence, have fun & create a bond by doing something that will remain a core memory for them 

For those who are joining The Academy kids programme, this video series & manual are invaluable tools for your child to study in order top develop their skills & progress through the ranks and they will need to master them to get promoted as they go on their Jiujitsu journey!

Even for those who cannot attend The Academy, the manual and videos will also help give your child structure, focus and direction of how to progress, be accountable & work towards achieving a goal. It not only shows & explains the techniques, it also provides your child with rules & philosophies that help make them behave in training but also outside of it too.

Download it completely FREE, print it out and go through the book with your child. Practice the games & techniques at home and if you have any questions then we are happy to help! Feel free to call/message/email us with any questions you may have

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