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Adam is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a certified Athletic Performance Coach. He is available for private training, small group classes and team coaching for adults and kids. If you want to book just reach out to arrange your consultation today.

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Coach Adam offers private 1-to-1 sessions, small group training & team coaching for adults and kids in the following… 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Athletic Performance

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carl's testimonials

I just wanted to take a moment to write and let you know of my experience at the academy, I’ve been doing jiujitsu on and off for about 8 months so I found myself committed to doing some private lessons , Best thing I’ve done to enhance and develop my progress , Carl has been my instructor and he’s been amazing , I’ve done the group sessions which are also a learning experience and found everyone amazing and only too willing to help me, but when I took the plunge to do the 1 on 1 lessons the progress has been noticeable, Carl’s experience and devotion to his craft mixed with actual rolling sessions ensure I get to constantly learn , develop and and a work out ,, For me it’s been addictive and that also comes from the progress I’ve seen and felt ,
If your thinking of doing some private lessons I would highly recommend it !! You will see the difference and find yourself striving for more , it’s exactly as they say it is , a journey , one well worth taking ,
Carl thanks for all your help patience and commitment

Denis R.

Private Client

I have always been interested in Martial arts but I could never find a trainer that made me comfortable and excited to start the journey. Untill I found coach Carl! He is very knowledgeable, skilled and passionate. He has built a community that helps each other grow in their respective martial arts.
The training is always fresh and exciting and I always learn something new in every session and class we have.
I would highly recommend him and his classes to anyone looking to learn or build on to their existing skills.


Class Student & Private Client

I wholeheartedly recommend The Academy! Since arriving on island 5 months ago, I immediately began Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) sessions with Carl. I have been doing BJJ for a few years now and really wanted to find a BJJ school where I could feel part of a squad, have top level training in a clean and custom-designed environment, and be pushed by my coach and training partners. The Academy gives me all of this and in 5 months I have seen the tangible benefits to my overall fitness, and most importantly, my BJJ skills have been honed and expanded. Coach Carl is forensic in his teaching and instruction; he pinpoints areas of strength and improvement and spends time working with you on these. His energy, positivity, and rigour are infectious. My BJJ game has levelled up and I love rolling and learning at The Academy. Oss!



The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at The Academy are great. Carl is an excellent coach and the ethos he encourages is exactly what I look for in a BJJ club. This is a productive but relaxed (and friendly) learning environment; with plenty of skilled BJJ fighters on the mat to learn with (and from); but no egos to have to work around.

Whilst it's not the main reason I do BJJ, I've also lost about 8lbs and almost 2% body fat since I started training regularly at The Academy. My new year's resolution is to try make it to some No-Gi classes



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