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Ronnie, Bella and the rest of the team at The Academy are a class act. My kids absolutely love going there. They've met new friends, learning self-defense and increased self-confidence. This is the best martial arts school on the island. I would recommend them a million percent.

Winnie B.


I trained with Ronnie the first time I lived on island and after 2 years away came back and was very pleased to find him still here. The location had changed but the quality, thankfully, hadn't. Still just as good, if not better, still the same enthusiasm and patience when training groups or individuals. I would recommend the Academy to anyone.

Mark E.


My 6y old needs no encouragement to go to The Academy jujitsu class and consistently lists these classes as her favourite activity. I asked her for review and she said couches and kids are very nice , they learn how to defend themselves and still have fun!
From the parents perspective it’s been character building for my child- she’s better at losing and learning from it. She’s progressing at controlling her emotional responses and dealing with conflict. Ronnie and his crew are very responsive, helpful and patient. They have a passion for teaching kids discipline , kindness and defence skills. Kids listen to them without problems - which to me ,the humble parent, is amazing to watch 😉 thank you Academy crew

Dorota L.


I've been training with Ronnie for more than 3 years and out of all the schools I've trained at he is by far the best. He's brilliant at breaking things down and explaining them very simply so anyone can understand and master the skill. He also makes techniques and movements very practical and has a wealth of knowledge in both stand up and ground fighting.
Apart from his technical skills Ronnie also understand training psychology and nutrition very well and tries everything himself before recommending it. Apart from all of that he's just a great guy with a really big heart.
I can recommend training with Ronnie to absolutely anyone with no doubt in my mind.

Petri B.


The Academy lead by Coach Ronnie is a genuinely safe and trusted arena for teaching our little people self defense, control and life skills.
Our sons are thriving in their disciplines / training with the Academy coaches but smile a bit bigger when the lessons are taught by Coach Ronnie.
We have found that we can trust The Academy with our children to be protected and upfront. Coaches answer questions from us as parents as well as the students with the same integrity, and gentle approach, usually with a flare of comic relief.
It is a well rounded experience, including fantastic camp options, providing value for money and exercise in a safe and uber clean environment.

Nina F.


My 6 year old daughter has tried out just about every after school activity and jujitsu has been the only one she consistently loves to do. She excitedly asks me to sign her up each term. I’m happy to spend money on something she really enjoys and can learn discipline while burning off some of that 6 yer old energy.

Evelyn T.


Great place with great people. Unlike any gym I’ve been to before. Ronnie is a highly qualified instructor and great person. Definitely recommend.

Tariq H.


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